Hello world!

Dear Reader,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share some of my journey that brought me to the position of Family Resource Center Coordinator. When I started in the substance abuse field over 35 years ago I never dreamed that I would be given the opportunities I have experienced. As a result, I have stored away bits of “lessons learned” that are a key part of who I am now. Through the years I learned about the disease concept of addiction and the supporting research. I experienced the strength and resiliency that participating in a family recovery process can bring to those of us affected by addiction. I learned about the importance of addressing protective factors and risk factors in a child’s environment to support healthy living. But…for me, the most exciting “lesson learned” was my passion for working in this field – and my passion has never wavered.

My journey has changed course many times but I have discovered there are “lessons learned” that do not change…and I believe that is good. I learned the human need for the safety of family does not change. I also learned a strong spiritual base provides the strength and resiliency to manage life challenges.

Early in my career I received my addictions counselor certification and I have maintained it through the growth and change the years have seen. I participated in the development of the prevention certification and kept it for many years. As I continue to develop professionally, I will be seeking the credential of Illinois Certified Family Partnership Professional. This certification offers assistance to families navigating the substance use and mental health systems with the input of a person who has had similar experiences.

As Central East Alcoholism & Drug Council continues the development of the Family Resource Center, I am excited about the possibilities that are ahead. I believe we will learn from each other by sharing our “lessons learned.” I will strive to create an atmosphere of respect as we share and celebrate the successes we achieve together. Thank you for being a part of this continuing journey.


Nancy Phillips, M.S.Ed., CAADC
Family Resource Center Coordinator
Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council